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Dolphio, the Winner of BOKIK Innovation Award

Dolphio Technologies and its computer vision-based developments have contributed significantly to the European innovation and scientific successes for many years. The company’s intelligent camera system, SpotNzoom, is capable of detecting and recording critical events occurring in the monitored area without human intervention combining the advantages of different types of cameras. The cutting-edge development was rewarded with the BOKIK Innovation Award by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County on 25th May. This award is also a recognition of the remarkable development team, which is behind the creation of SpotNzoom. The jury acknowledged the works of Aluinvent Zrt., Bosch and Dolphio Technologies as the bests among the applicants. Besides, Dolphio’s awarded camera system already performs successfully at the Local Government of Budavár. The technology, called SpotNzoom is one of the most remarkable results of Dolphio’s computer vision-based developments. The system provides a unique solution primarily for surveillance systems installed for security purposes controlling fixed and PTZ cameras. The main criteria of the award focused on the usefulness of the idea and the contribution to sustainable development. The ceremony was a part of the event series called ’Innováció a fejlődés rugója’, which was launched in 2014. The award has been resulted mainly by the unique technology behind SpotNzoom, which effectively provides an overview of the monitored area. Thanks to the intelligent algorithms, the system needs much less infrastructure compare to the traditional surveillance systems and does not need any human intervention. This award and other successes, such as the fact that Dolphio was able to get in the Deloitte Fast 50 CEE Technologies List for four consecutive years, proves that the company is moving in the right direction focusing on excellent team work as a main pillar of success.

The main strategy of our research and development company is to recognize the needs on the markets around the world. DolphioTechnologies offers multiple innovative, marketable and affordable solutions to cope this demand. As a proof of our contributions Dolphio has been ranked at the top of the list of Deloitte’s Fast Technologies 50 CEE for four years in a row. This result validates, that we are heading in the right direction in line with our mission and strategy.

  • There were complications at my birth and my mother was told not to expect much. However, I survived. Perhaps because of this, my life has been characterised by goal setting and challenges. I have always had great plans for my future and I decided at a young age to become an economist. At the beginning of my working life I also realised that I wanted to have my own business. This is how my company, Dolphio, started more than ten years ago.

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  • I have obtained MSc degree of applied mathematics. Ever since I can remember I was fascinated by how the theoretical algorithms can help the solution of real problems. I remember that as a kid I was obsessed with making statistics about dice throwing and I always tried to simulate the possible results of sports events. On my first Commodore 64 I immediately began game programming.

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